BFG interesting things

I think mixing dreams together was really cool, when shoppe and the BFG meet up with the 9 giants I wonder what would happen if they seen them, I wonder if the night guards fond shoppe and the BFG got caught, I wonder what would happen if the BFG would smash into the queens palace.

Our Mystery Skype

When we did our Mystery Skype one person would go up to ask what province that the other class live in. Once one of the classes get’s it right were one of the classes lives we what until the other class gets it right. Both of the class have to speak the same language or else they won’t under stand what there saying.

My Newspaper story

Cafeteria Craziness
I thought the cafeteria cook might be an alien when on Monday our meatballs looked like eye balls and worms and the meat balls stared blinking.
Tuesday our tacos started saying get us out of here we don’t won’t to get eaten.
Wednesday the wieners grew legs and ran away to the gym and stared running and playing games with the grade 3 class.
Thursday our mashed photos started to move off our plates onto the floor and rolled out of the school and onto the road, slides, and inside of a parked potato truck. Then the people were done unloading the truck and they went back to the potato farm.
Friday the fish had 25 eye balls and there gills where their mouths should be. They were breathing so they have lungs and I’m eating this……….uggggg!
When I have to clean the school I go into the janitor’s closet and I found all of the teachers wrapped in green cones. There was the Grade 5 teacher, Grade 4 teacher, Grade 3 teacher, Grade 2 teacher, Grade 1 teacher ,and the Ks teacher were all in there.
Every time I was down cleaning the school and I would hear and see a space ship blast off behind the school with our cafeteria cook in it. Sometimes I do want to try and take the cafeteria cooks human mask off but I know I will get busted and get detention for 63 days. Maybe I could try to hit her alien space ship but she probably would get hit by her alien space belters on her space ship and save her so I have to live like this my entire school life.

The End

Winter Poem

Snowy Fun

The snow falls from the bright sky

It comes to the land on the snowy ground

I go to my big steep snow hill

I get heavy snow blocks and stack them on one another

My ski doo engine roars to life so loud my ears ring

We go fast, as we shoot over the steep snow

Snow is fun, its snowy fun


Christmas in Canada

Saskatchewan Christmas is snow covered fun! In Canada it snow’s lots we build snow forts. We have snow ball fights! We decorate a Christmas tree.

We put on bows and balls and many more ornaments on our tree.

For Christmas dinner we eat turkey, ham, gravy, potatoes and buns. After Christmas we open presents and go to church and pray for god too. For  dessert we have pumpkin pie and apple pie too.